Hey! My name is Chelley and my passion is helping you create your best life!

Visit us in Germantown!
I have been in Louisville for more than twenty years now and I love it here!

Our new office in Germantown is really special with its super casual office, gallery space for local artists and musicians, and peaceful meditation garden.

Hope you will join us soon for coaching, to shop, to enjoy the garden, or just share a cup of tea and get to know us!
How did I get to be a life coach?
I am originally from a small town in rural Pennsylvania, , did my undergrad in NYC in psychology and human interpersonal communication. I took a doctoral program in Clinical Psychology for ten years at Spalding University here in town, where I earned a Masters.

After grad school, I earned a fellowship in positive psychology coaching and consultation with MentorCoach through distance learning.

I love positive psychology because I believe we all are a mix of strengths and weaknesses and learning to use our strengths better can zoom us to our goals!
When I am not coaching?
I'm a mixed media and water color artist. I love designing jewelry. My paintings and jewelry are for sale at HQ.II just got my piano back and am getting into playing again. I have a shih tzu named Gizmo.  My son is grown now and off being a wonderful person and building an awesome life. And this year, I got engaged:)

I believe  prosperity can be yours too.. prosperity in  the form of wealth, health, loving relationships, a satisfying career.
We get what we focus on.
I have done it and you can too!.
My Strenghts Profile?
I often have clients take a strengths assessment called the VIA. You can find it at viacharacter.org.  Clients often ask me what my own top strengths are on the VIA. My top strenghts are creativity, humor, forgiveness, love of learning, love of beauty and excellence, gratitude, and leadership.

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